before I die

got to vegas with my best friend []
kiss someone famous []

feel beautiful []

sleep on the beach []

party all night without stopping for sleep [o]

live in a big house []

get drunk [x]

kiss under firework []

make love on the beach []

kiss in the snow []

have my dream body []

have a summer romance [x]

shop in new york city []

got to california []

get in a taxy and yell "follow that car" []

party in las vegas []

fall in love with someone who loves me back []

write a song [x]

grow old with someone i love []

see a shooting star [x]

sleep under the stars []

kiss underwater []

have a flat stomach []

get my license [x]

kiss under the eiffel tower []

swim with dolphins []

learn to play piano [x]

go on a road trip []

have children []

watch the sunrise at the beach [x]

hold a koala []

bungee jump []

have my own star []

visit croatia [x]

get a tattoo []

feel breatchless after a kiss []

become a millionaire []

follow my dreams []

go on a date to the zoo []

let my hear get really long [o]

have a best friend who will never let me down [x]

plan my best friend's wedding []

learn the guitar []

feel confident and proud about my body []

kiss in the back of a taxi []

be genuinely happy []

bake brownies and eat as much as i want without feeling bad []

drive down route 66 []

fall in love []

write a book [o]